"Our greatest natural resourse is the minds of our children" (Walt Disney)

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is a child's natural way of expressing themselves, and Play Therapy provides them with the opportunity to "play out" their thought, feelings and problems in a non-directive way, in a safe environment with a caring therapist.

In Play Therapy session, the therapist follows the child's lead and allows them to explore the wide range of toys available.

The child develops the relationship and gains greater insight into their personal problems, through their play.

The therapist:

Must develop a warm and friendly relationship with the child.

Accepts the child as she or he is.

Establishes a feeling of permission in the relationship so that the child feels free to express his or her feelings completely.

Is alert to recognise the feelings the child is expressing and reflects these feelings back in such a manner that the child gains insight into his/her behaviour.

Maintains a deep respect for the child's ability to solve his/her problems and gives the opportunity to do so, with responsibility to make choices and institute change.

Does not attempt to direct the child's actions or conversations in any manner. The child leads the way, the therapist follows.

Does not hurry the therapy along. It is a gradual process and must be recognised as such by the therapist.

Only establishes those limitations necessary to anchor the therapy to the world of reality and to make the child aware of his/her responsibility in the relationship.

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Who does it benefit?

Play Therapy can be effective for a broad range of problems, including:

Emotional Difficulties: Aggression, Depression,Low Self Esteem, Anxiety & Withdrawal

Developmental difficulties:Sleep problems, Poor Communication, Bed Wetting & Eating Problems.

Family Breakdown

Bereavement / Loss

Separated Parents

Behavioural issues

Autistic Spectrum

Learning Difficulties

Problems Socialising


Abuse or Neglect

Bullied / Bullies

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