Play Therapy is a method of working with children who need help in dealing with their emotional and behavioural issues.

Play is a child's natural way of expressing themselves and Play Therapy provides them with the opportunity to "Play Out" their thoughts, feelings and problems in a non-directive way in a safe environment with a caring therapist.

"Martin was a very distressed four year old, headbanging walls and windows, I also couldn't get him toilet trained. Audrey's play therapy with her unique gift of understanding changed his life into a really happy one. She also taught me and the rest of my family how to cope and that made a gigantic difference for the better.She is the best. From my heart".

(Denise Bridgeman, Parent)

Audrey Gregan
Dip in Froebel Ed, Dip in Special Ed,
Dip Child Development,
Postgraduate Dip in Play Therapy,
Clinical Supervision, PTI, IBECPT, BAPT,

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